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Shooting physics and ballistics

When you shoot out a bullet from a weapon you hold, the weapon excerts a force at the bullet. But the bullet will excert an equal force back on the weapon and this force will propagate backward to the person that shoots.

Since this person holds the weapon with hands or shoulders with a much greater square area than that of the bullet, this force will usually not hurt, since it works on a great area, but heshe will feel the recoil.

A weapon will usually have some spring mechanism, so that this force is spread over some time, so that it is not felt so hard.

Still the person that holds the weapon must use as much energy as the weapon uses at the bullet to keep the weapon stable. Therefore shooting necessitates manual work.

When a bullet has been shot out through a barrel, several things happen to the bullet until it eventually hits something or falls down on the ground. It may be usefull for everyone using airsoft guns to be conscious about what actually happens to a bullet duringits path.

The bullet is shot out with a certain speed. The heavier the bullet is, the more energy will the bullet have at that speed, or said in another way: The heavier the bullet is, the more power must the gun use to get the bullet out with the specific speed requred.

The bullet begins falling to the ground as soon as it has left the barrel, or if the speed of the bullethas has component upwards, this speed upwards decreases with a certain rate until it is zero and the bullet begins to fall to the ground.

The speed with wich the bullet falls to the ground, depends primarily upon the gravitation. If the gravitation was the only factor determining the speed of descent, that speed would accelerate the same for any bullet, that is 10 m/s2.

However the bullet encounters air resistance. This decreases the acceleration downwards and hence the speed downwards at any given time. The lighter the bullet is, the more this air speed will decrease the speed of the fall.

The bullet will of course also encounter air resistance on its way foreward. This air resistance will decrease the speed until the bullet stops, if it has not allready reached the ground before the air resitance stops it.

Also this air resistance will affect a bullet more the lighter the bullet is.

Because the bullet actually falls on its way after having left the piston, one cannot aim directly at a target to hit that target, but instead aim some place above it. The further away the target is, the higher above the target one must aim.

A bullet will also be affected by the wind. Therefore every bullet will depart somewhat from the ideal slope. When one aims, one must also adjust for the effect of the wind, by aiming somewhat towards the direction of the wind.