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Airsoft machine guns

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There are many types of airsoft machine/automatic guns on the market. E ach type and model has a different range in power, magazine capacity, FPS (feet per second) and ROF (rate of fire). Electric powered airsoft guns or automatic electric guns (AEGs) seem to be the most popular because of their high power and ease of use. The three biggest manufactures of automatic airsoft guns are Tokyo Marui, Classic Army and ICS (I Chih Shivan Enterprise Co. Ltd.).

Tokyo Marui has one of the best and most popular airsoft machine guns and their products now dominate the world market. Prices range from 200 to 400 dollars, approximately. The more popular models include AK series such as AK47, AK47 Spetznatz; MP series like MP5 A4, Tokyo Marui MP5SD5, Tokyo Marui MP5SD6, Full Metal UZI, Tokyo Marui SG 552 SEALS and MP5K-PDW. Most of these models come with a rechargeable battery, 280�300 FPS (feet per second), and ROF (rate of fire) range from 600-900 rounds per minute.

Classic Army, the airsoft gun company based in Hong Kong, has also produced a range of popular airsoft machine gun models. The MP5 series is very popular with cost ranging approximately 250-300 dollars. For example, the Classic Army MP5SD6 cost s around 325 dollars and features full Metal Body, detachable silencer, Collapsible Stock, 8.4V mini battery, 315 FPS and 200 round high capacity magazine.

ICS, based in Taiwan is also another big manufacturer of automatic electric guns (AEGs) and airsoft machine guns. The company markets the AK, M16 and MP5 series of airsoft guns. Prices range between 250-350 dollars. One of the most popular is the ICS MP5A4 Tactical RIS which features 230 round magazine, Navy style lower receiver, tactical RIS, grip, & and a sight mount with an FPS of 310.

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