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Computerized aiming mechanisms

Military guns are on full speed heading into the computerized area. Traditionally advanced guns have a scope that let the soldier clearly point at a target. However, pointing at a target do not secure a hit. The gravity will pull the bullet down. The wind will cause deviation of the cource and so on. There has long existed optical mechanisms to adjust for this deviation. The Soldier adjust the scope acording to the distance to the object. When the object is in focus, the gun deviate in a direction to correct for the deviation the bullet will feel during its path.

The modern development is to let these corrections occur totally authomatically. The distance to the object is measured with a lazer device, and the measured distance is put into a computer. The picture from the scope is also put into the computer and do not go directly to the eyepiece. The eyepiece is a screen that is fed from the computer, and on this screen the soldier can get all the information he needs to point the gun in the right direction. This computerized scope have several programs to choose from. One program work simply so that the soldier do not see that object in focus that the gun points at, but the device automatically shows at the focus the point that the bullet will hit. Also corrections for deviation resulting from wind and temperature impact can be made authomatically.

Development in bullet technology

There are also development in progress regarding bullet technology. Bullets having in-built intelligence are on the design table in weapon laboratories. Such a bullet will have some resceptors in the tip feeling what direction it takes, and able to focus on a target, a small computer device and some correction fins. In this way the bullet can correct any deviation on its way. It can even be programmed to change direction and go around corners to hit targets that are hidden. It can also be programmed to follow objects that are on the move and change speed and direction.

The ultimate projectile being on the design table are small rockets of the size of a bullet to be shot out through a gun. Such a rocket will get its initial speed from the explosives in the gun, but eventually it will fire its own fuel and go by its own force the last distance. Once shot out the rocket will follow its target automatically until it hits.

Such a rocket will also have explosives that will explode when the target is hit, just before the hit, or when the projectile has intruded into the target.

By the way, bullets with explosives inside with some degree of intelligence is allready standard military equipment used in special circumstances.

Such highly sophisticated projectiles will of cource be expensive, and they will only be used when needed to destroy an expensive or very dangerous target. Future guns will have the ability to fire these kinds of projectiles or ordinary dumb bullets according to choise.

Electric guns

Electric guns use ferromagnetic bullets or bullets with coils that can create magnetism when current is induced by alternating fields along the piston. The piston also have strong electromagnets arranged around that are activited in a sequence as the bullet speeds through the piston. It is possible to make guns capable of giving bullets hyperzonic speeds this way, so that they hit the target extremely hard and with a speed that makes it impossible to escape by changing direction early wnough to avoid a hit.

So far the problem is that the power source miust be bulky, so this kind of weapon are so far only used by stationary military guns, and especially guns in navy vessels and big fighters or bombers.

Flying robots or drones

Small flying robots have since long been developed, and are growing steadily more powerful and sophisticated. Flying drones operated by soliers in the battlefield carrying guns of the type described, are very likely to be a standard weapon.

The drone can then be directed towards a target, but still at a relatively safe direction. Then the drone can fire authomatic projectiles that direct themselves right to the target. The soldier can sit hided and direct the drone to a tactical position, then focus on the targets and shoot by using a hand-held or light-weighted controle panel.

Laser beam weapons

Laser beam weapons have since long been and ingredient is science fiction stories. Laser guns with enough power to shoot holes through most targets at a long distance are by now fully developed.

The problem with these weapons are bulky gun technology, bulky power sources and that laser beams are aborbed by smoke, mist or clouds so they work optimally only during ideal conditions.

But stationary laser cannons, and those carried by navy vessels and military aircrafts are by now in use even though one reads little about them.

How airsoft guns work - types of airsoft guns

Airsoft guns can be based on several energy sources and driving principles and are classified accordingly:

Automatic Electric Guns (AEG): This type is electrically driven, and the electricity comes from a rechargeable battery. They have an electric motor. The motor set a series of copupled gears in action so that the last gear in the series gets the same speed that the bullet shal be thrown out with. This last gear drives a piston foreward and the piston pushes the bullet out.

The motor will also drive a mechanism that sets a new bullet into the base of the piston after a shot or just before the shot.

Spring Airsoft Guns: In this type, a compressed spring is anlocked. The spring then pushes a piston that again sends the bullet out. Before shooting, the spring must be pushed together again, and this is usually done by a sliding mechanism at the top of the gun. The sliding force is also transfered to some mechanism that set a new bullet into the base of the piston.

Gas Airsoft Guns: Here gas under pressure is released into the piston behind the bullet. The pressure then drives the bullet foreward. Usually the gas is CO2 or some other gas compressed to liquid in an ampulla. When the ampulla is empty, a new ampulla is set in. Some gas guns also use a manual pump inside the gun to compress gas into a cylinder. The pump is set in action by bending down the piston or bending up some handle in the gun. The gas will also push a mechanism that inserts a new bullet into the base of the piston.