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About radio controled flying vehicles or drones in modern professional life - current status and emerging applications

The technology of radio controlled aircraft is steadily developing, so that they can function steadily more intelligent, more powerful, can be made steadily smaller and steadily cheaper. Intelligent technology that can enable drones to mavigate and take decisions of their own during flight is also appearing. For this reason drones get steadily more applications in the daily professional life.

Technology areas with developments useful for drones

The increase has been made in these fields.

- Steadily increase in the computing power of very small computers, so these can be used to any kind of navigation, image processing and real-time process control.

-An enrmous increase in data storage capacity.

Increase in artificial intelligence technology.

- Worldwide navigation networks that make it possible to follow a vehicle anywhere in the world within few meters. These are of two kinds, networks for communication with the drone and networks with functions to help positioning like GPS.

Detailled digital maps of the whole world.

- Increase in the resolution and functionality of very small cameras,

- Greater energy storage capacity of very small batteries.

- Greater power of small electric motors

Surveillance by drones, already used heavely and steadily increasing

These development has made it possible to make very small, nearly silent and otherwise stelthlike RC aircrafts for surveillance purposes.

Surveillance RC aircrafts are by now routieously used by scientists, military units, police units and private companies for surveillance purposes of various kinds.

Drones for crowd control and combat

The development has also made it posible to make heavy and robust models for vigillance and combat purposes. Such vehicles can be equipped with guns, bombs, rockets or other types of weapons.

Some of these models are constructed like helicopters, others are constructed as futuristic looking aircrafts with helicopter-like properties.

Drones used for transport

Use of drones for transport is emerging. Companies already use drones for lightweight trasnport over small distances. There are heavy plans for use of drones for post and other lightweight trasnport over long distances offered for the common public.

Heavyweight transport by drones in short distances, for example at construction sites is emerging, which will make the use of lifting cranes obsolete for many purposes.

In a not too far future drones for transport of heavy objects over long distances will be a reality. Such drones will be great and look like traditional piloted aircrafts. They will probably take over the market for air transport in cases where the online service is simple and can be strictly standardized.

Drones for repair and construction

There area already drones with added robotic technology that can be used for repair and construction of lightweight and simple installastions. What make this application for the time laying behind other aplications, is the dificulty of constructing robotic technology that is flexible, lightweight and powerful, but also this application will come along.


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